Monday, January 7, 2008

Dare to Call it Treason

Americans can no longer travel to Canada, Mexico, or on cruises without passports. The
Real ID Act will kick in this year. Over a million dead Iraqis lie in our wake in Iraq, and 3 million more are refugees, with the rest prisoners in their own country.

All this, we are told, is because the "terrorists" are out to get us. They hate us for our freedoms (so shouldn't we be in less danger now?), and our way of life (ditto).

The official story of 9-11 is that the "terrorists" were Arabs and they paid for their mission with money from Saudi Arabia. Where does Saudi Arabia get money? Why from Americans buying gas, of course.

So, if the official story was true, as the corporate media insists, then what would be the patriotic response to the oil rich people who hate us?

It is blindingly obvious that the solution would be to stop buying and using so much oil. We went through a situation in the 1970s where the OPEC countries cut off our oil and Americans were told that we had to use less. The speed limit was dropped to save gas, the auto manufacturers were told to produce cars with better mileage, we were told to save electricity and turn down the thermostat.

If the "terrorist" threat were real, the 1970s response would have been a good start for 2001. And yet, even those mini-solutions were not tried. Instead, we were told to go shopping and to Disney World, and Hummer buyers were given a tax credit. SUVs continued to be pushed. Business went on as usual.

This is SUSPICIOUS. Even if you knew nothing else of this administration's actions and illegalities, you should be able to see that something is rotten with this response.

Either there is no real threat from external terrorists, or the people in charge of our government are traitors! From the federal government refusing to change oil policy, to state and local governments that continue, 6 years later, to push car based transportation, with continual road building and subsidizing of urban sprawl, the actions of our rulers guide and force Americans to rely on oil for the activities of daily living.

So they are either lying to us, or pushing us into unwise oil use that makes us unsafe. They have destroyed the Bill of Rights, and they are moving right along to the day when we have to show our "papers" to authorities, the hallmark of a police state. They are traitors. I am daring to call it treason.

"Treason doth never prosper. What's the reason? If it prosper, none dare call it treason"

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