Friday, January 25, 2008

PayDay Usury and Stimulating the Economy

So now the Congress and the President have colluded to "stimulate" the economy by borrowing more money from our kids to give us each a stipend to blow on trinkets now. Gee, thanks, but my kids are having enough trouble paying the rent now. They're either unemployed, or living hand to mouth on part-time/temp jobs. They certainly don't need further debt added to the massive amount they've already been burdened with by this spendthrift president and his enablers in Congress.

It used to be said disapprovingly that someone "spends money like a drunken sailor". Even this doesn't apply to our deserter President, since a drunken sailor stops when he runs out of money.
Our government just borrows from China and Saudi Arabia to continue its drunken spree, throwing palletfuls of cash at the war machine, the merchants of death who enable the US to brawl its way through Iraq, breaking things and killing people in a brutal attempt to subjugate their people and loot their oil.

The US is now $9 trillion dollars in debt and the richest 1% of Americans own 40% of its wealth. So Bush gives tax cuts to the richest and a payday loan to the rest of us.

I have never chosen to use a payday loan service. I prefer to live within my means rather than go into debt to buy stuff. Now the government has made that choice for me, giving me a payday loan of $600.

Wise men through the centuries have pointed out that materialism is an immoral way to live and doesn't lead to true happiness. The secret to a happy life is not to have what you want, but to want what you have.

But the entire economy of this ostentatiously Christian country is based on perpetual unhappiness with your material goods. You must continuously spend more money to buy more stuff. It's your patriotic duty. Not even the sky is the limit, for the sky is polluted and contaminated and still we must "grow".

There is only one part of American society in which we are told to be satisfied with the limited choices that corporate America offers us - the elections. There we get a choice of two, unlike soda or laundry detergent. Perhaps it's too difficult for corporate America to find more than a few people willing to sell out America's people for the benefit of its corporations.


Anonymous said...

They have calculated how little they can give people to keep them from rioting. Rather than give people something they need like single payer health care they are dropping 100 bills into our mail boxes. I wonder if they will put they same wonderful message they did on the last rebate, I can't remember exactly but at the bottom of the US treasury check was a blurb about the republicans and how their fiscal constraint had brought you this token sum. I gave mine away to a not for profit. I hope the government of China can spare a few more trillon dollars to lend to us. Which gets me on another rant. If people take that money to Wal-Mart we will be essentially financing our own pay day loan.

Anonymous said...

Even conservatives like myself should practice voluntary simplicity. Christ did.