Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Do You Hate Muslims and Mexicans more than you Love Freedom?

Americans are willing to kill anyone, anywhere, to "protect our freedom". Have a president point to a country, any country, and announce that they are a threat, and 80% of Americans are ready to destroy the country and kill its people.

Americans are willing to have their emails read, their phone calls listened to, to carry ID and show it to anyone in a uniform who asks, to give their fingerprints, retinal scans and urine on demand, to take off their shoes and spread their legs to get on a plane. 2,000,000 Americans are in prison. What is this freedom they are killing for?

The Patriot Act passed easily in 2001, 6 weeks after 9-11,when we were told we were under attack by "terrorists". Actually, there was some resistance from the Leahy and Daschle, until they had anthrax mailed to them. (Amazingly, the FBI still hasn't been able to find the criminals, although the suspect list is limited to people who have access to America's biowarfare weapons. Maybe if they hadn't let Ames University destroy the evidence.) Then they passed the Real ID Act, an intrusion into every American's privacy. To ward off resistance, we had the immigration marches, on cue. Millions of Mexicans marching in the streets. Americans freaked out, on cue, and went along with the Act. Then, "the immigration threat" died, and we saw no more marches.

As it happens, I marched in the local May 1st parade, because my Mexican immigrant friend insisted. But the whole time, I told people they were being used to whip up fear of immigrant invasion. Another marcher, a Chilean immigrant who lived through the Pinochet terror, told me that when Pinochet took over, they had to go in for ID cards and that is when they picked off the people they wanted to kill. It took her a long time when she came to this country to get used to be able to walk the streets without ID. Now the US ruling class who backed the Pinochet terror wants to bring it to this country.

And Americans are going along with it. Shame on us!

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Anonymous said...

And the activists that protested a Blackwater massacre in Iraq at the gates of their headquarters in North Carolina got jail. The judge was so incensed at their audacity to questions these heirs of the Pinochet policy of repression he cleared the court room and tried them without witnesses. We are born free and only this government can take it away from us and we have done a pretty good job of letting them.