Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Why did Hillary win?

The circus that is the "election" of 2008 cannot hold the attention of the masses if it is decided early. Therefore, we must have the suspense build. Obama and Huckabee win in Iowa-Hillary and Mitt win in New Hampshire. Gosh, how exciting! Did Hillary cry or just choke up? (Believe or not, that caused two major fights last night in my workplace!)

And what about the polls? They were wrong. Twice. Just like the exit polls in 2004. Are we being conditioned to doubt the polls? That way, when the winner of 2008 is announced, people who point out that the polls showed something different are already discredited.

In the meantime, the US is threatening Iran, (again), global warming continues, the Real ID Act is set to kick in, oil prices are going up, and unemployment is rising.

Don't look behind the curtain. Focus on the important. Did Hillary cry, or just choke up?

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