Thursday, January 10, 2008

Energy Policy

It must be human nature that if someone in authority proclaims something in a stern, serious voice, we tend to believe the proclamation.

So here we are, being told that we taxpayers must subsidize nuclear power and "clean" coal, because energy conservation and sustainable energy sources are just wildly unrealistic. Only hippies and wackos would think that our profligate coal and gas burning ways should be changed.

Wind, solar and geothermal energy coupled with conservation, and sustainable transportation is the platform Green Party candidate for Illinois Governor Rich Whitney ran on. But the incumbent governor won. Maybe because it's so much more realistic to burn coal and then run a pipeline a few hundred miles to an underground CO2 dump! Or to subsidize and immunize from responsibility nuclear power. That's so energy efficient, as long as you don't count the mining and transportation costs, and the storage for thousands of years problem.

But fuel efficient cars and appliances! That's just out there. Compact cities and public transportation! When you talk so crazy you can't be taken seriously.

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