Sunday, February 24, 2008

Big News! John McCain sells favors for sex, not money

Corporate media is in an uproar. The New York Times printed an article claiming that John McCain sold himself for sex instead of money. This is a disgrace! Senator McCain had to give a news conference denying these allegations. Other corporate media criticize the NYT for its inflammatory accusations.

Senator McCain has been in trouble before for selling favors. He was part of the Keating Five, five senators who tried to protect anti-pornography, pro-looting Charles Keating, whose Lincoln Savings and Loan cost 21,000 mostly elderly savers millions of dollars when it collapsed in 1989. Alan Greenspan and Mother Teresa also tried to protect Keating, who had no shame and later tried to regain control over the bank!

Those were the days when public officials were supposed to represent the public interest, and bribery was considered shameful. John McCain did express shame, and somehow managed to both keep his job and come out smelling like a rose, getting a reputation for supporting campaign finance reform.

Of course, since then the number of lobbyists in Washington, DC has increased to almost 35,000! It is now accepted that congress members take money from them. The Jack Abramoff scandal came and went, and you almost got the impression that the most scandalous behavior that his cronies performed was that they only bribed Republicans.

Article 2, Section 4 of the US Constitution calls for impeachment for "treason, BRIBERY, and other high crimes and misdemeanors".

Apparently, our Founding Fathers took bribery very seriously. Even expressing shame wasn't enough for them. They thought that public officials who took bribes should be thrown out of office! Too bad we've fallen so far.

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