Monday, February 18, 2008

Katrina Victims and Their "Toxic" Trailers

Suddenly, the Bush junta is showing concern for the health of Katrina victims. FEMA has announced that trailers are dangerous! The residents must move immediately for their health's sake!

Why the concern now for Katrina victims? This is the same FEMA that refused to let the Red Cross into the Superdome to feed the people there. The same FEMA that stopped Amtrak from evacuating people, that stopped the US Fish and Wildlife Service from rescuing people, that set up roadblocks to stop people from going to New Orleans to help. Now they care about the people of New Orleans?

There are millions of people living in trailers across the USA. Should they all be immediately evacuated for their own good? Why do none of the news reports mention the millions of ordinary Americans who live in trailers? FEMA actually sold some of the unused trailers at a discount to other Americans.

Plus, the formaldehyde fumes dissipate after a while. Two years after the storm, most of the damage is over. There is no reason to suddenly kick people out of these homes.

I am suspicious of the junta's actions. They haven't done anything to benefit the American people in seven years, so why would they start now?

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