Monday, February 4, 2008

Psycho Mother American Style

Spoiler Alert! I am going to tell the ending of the 1960 movie, Psycho. This was a horror film in which a psycho killer who the victims believe is an old woman, turns out to be her son dressed as her. He has killed her 10 years before, stuffed her body and killed in her name.

The horror the world is living through now puts Hitchcock's to shame. A psychotic ruling class killed American democracy, but continues its murderous rampage in her name. Millions of people have died in the last 50 years, while the moldering corpse of democracy continues to be propped up for American citizens to gaze upon and declare to themselves, "Well, the old lady's looking kind of peaked, but I'm sure she can be revived if only we vote for the right candidate".

Don't believe that imperialism started and will end with Bush. Many authors have written multiple books documenting the wide swath that the US sword has felled in the name of anti-communism, recently morphed into anti-terrorism. All that Bush has done is taken us down the stairs to behold the old woman in her terrifying state of demise.

We need to turn away from the mass murderers and organize to form a more perfect union. This can't involve US citizens living unsustainable lifestyles on the backs of other peoples of the world. We have to stop guzzling oil siphoned from under the dead bodies of people of other countries. We have to stop importing goods made cheap by the labor of slaves and children.

In Star Wars, when the Death Star obliterates a planet, one of the heroes (I forget who) feels a shudder in the Force. If only humans on this planet had the same connection to their fellow beings. Way back in the 60s, when 500,000 Indonesians were murdered with US support and guidance, or 3,000,000 Vietnamese were killed in their fight for independence, if it had caused Americans psychic pain, could it have continued? For that matter, what about the 1860s, when, after the slaughter of the Civil War, the Army went on to attack the last of the free Native Americans? And I am counting the animals being slaughtered on sped up assembly lines right now. The workers are pushed to kill so fast that many animals are not dead before they are skinned and boiled. And the misery and death that America is inflicting on the people of Iraq and Afghanistan should, in my opinion, cause some amount of misery to the people of the US. As it stands, probably more people were devastated by the outcome of the Super Bowl yesterday than are devastated by the suffering of the people of Iraq.

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rose of grace said...

Wage laborer,

On the first day of "Shock & Aweful," I had an experience. It was as though my feet chakras opened and I was absolutely connected to the Iraqi people on the other side of our Earth. I was completely shook up through my body of how we should not bomb these people. Our long lost relatives in the birthplace of Humanity, the garden of Eden. Certainly we are all connected. The bombing then continued day after day. I never lost that feeling of horror for the people of Iraq, but that feeling through my feet stopped. It was a connection through our Earth, made possible.

Briliant analogy of the Psycho mother dead for years propped up like our dead American democracy!