Thursday, February 7, 2008

Waterboarding - The Only Torture

Back in November, I presciently asked the question, why is everyone solely focused on waterboarding? Waterboarding is just one form of torture used by the US, but it is the only one focused on by the Congress and the media.

Now we have Mukasey coming out and admitting that the US has used waterboarding (which all aware people already knew), but minimizing it by claiming that it was only used on 3 people, all of them very bad people. All aware people know this is a lie, but the media is going along with the lie.

The US, according to the research of Alfred McCoy, spent a billion dollars in the 50s and 60s to research to most effective forms of torture. As detailed in his book, A Question of Torture, they found that simplest methods were the most devastating. Sensory deprivation and overload, stress positions and isolation can break a person's mind and spirit within a couple of days.

Now the US is claiming that only waterboarding counts as torture. Common sense tells you otherwise. The US holds prisoners shackled and naked in freezing weather. Go outside in the cold, naked, and stand there for 12 hours. Torture? Get someone to keep you awake for 48 hours. Torture? Stand in an uncomfortable position for 10 hours. Torture?

Only inhumane cold hearted unthinking people would support such methods. Unfortunately, most Americans are being brainwashed to be just such people.

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