Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Family Values - Huckabee Style - Dog Torturing

A poster on CommonDreams brought up this up. I hadn't heard of it before. Apparently, a son of Governor Huckabee was fired from a job at a Boy Scout camp for hanging a dog from a tree, slitting its throat and then stoning it to death. Governor Huckabee, showing how a parent properly disciplines a child, covered it up and made sure the dog abuser wasn't punished. David, the son, was not expelled from the Boy Scouts. He later made Eagle Scout. There must be a badge in dog torturing.

There was a justifiable uproar when Michael Vick tortured dogs, but this seems to have been covered up.

Perhaps because, as one of the commenters pointed out, the dog actually wasn't tortured. It had enhanced interrogation techniques used on it, and committed suicide to embarrass the young Huckabee.

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Anonymous said...

And Huckelbee will not be the Wall Street president but the Wal-Mart president. If you caught the news about the blizzard that swept China stranding millions of migrant workers returning home for their only family holiday allowed by the factory bosses, you might have made the link these mostly women, were probably working at factories selling stuff to places like Wal-Mart. Family values, take mom from home and take her to a factory to make useless shit for us. Remember the slogan On Sunday, Jesus shops at Wal-Mart.