Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Kidnapping and Enslaving Your Children

Americans have been whipped into hysterical fear of stranger kidnapping, although it is rare. As I pointed out on another post, if a stranger kills your child, it is overwhelmingly liable to be with a car. But there is a new stranger danger rearing its ugly head.

The ruling class of America has chosen to try to conquer the world. So far, so good (for them). They have Iraq split and bleeding, enabling them to move in for the kill - the oil law. But some want more.

Iran was America's puppet from 1953 to 1979, when the people rose up and overthrew our tyrant, the Shah, and put Muslim tyrants in instead. There are always people in the US ruling class with eyes bigger than their Army, and they have their eye on Iran. They want it back!

Iran has a lot of oil, but it also has a lot of people, and many of them don't want the US to return and take their oil. How can the US attack Iran with, as Rumsfield put it, "The Army we have". They can't. The Army they have is overextended.

Listen to the drumbeats in the corporate media. Starting out low, and then increasing, they are pushing for a return of the draft. Just the thought of millions of young Americans to spend for oil makes them salivate!

They have unlimited funds for war. They just create more money when they run low. The US is trillions in debt. But actual cannon fodder is limited. The all-volunteer military limits the military to those who are poor, or gung ho for imperialism, or both.

So they want to kidnap and enslave our children and turn them into murderers and torturers. And everyone knows this. Although the military is marketed as a job opportunity, with college benefits, when a war starts and reluctant soldiers announce that they only joined for the benefits, the right wing in this country screams bloody murder. "They knew when they signed up that they might have to kill people!!"

So let's not let these same people claim that the Army is not about killing, it's about helping children grow up and become responsible. Bullshit!

The point of boot camp is to take decent kids and overcome their moral training to desensitize them to kill.

It's bad enough when they do it to volunteers.
But to take our children and force them to learn how to kill, when we have spent their first years teaching them to be kind and loving people, cannot be considered anything but kidnapping, slavery, and brainwashing.

All Americans should be outraged that this is even being considered or proposed. People who microchip their children to "protect" them from predators should pay attention as the biggest predator of all sharpens its claws and prepares to attack.

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