Saturday, June 6, 2009

A Happy Ending Isn't Guaranteed

   All Baby-boomers were born to people who survived World War 11.  We were brought up on movies and TV which in good invariably triumphs over bad, and everything works out in the end.

   It is just now occuring to me that this isn't necessarily true.  Just as the Jews didn't believe that Hitler was as crazy as he seemed, and the Iraqis didn't believe that Bush was as crazy as he seemed,  I can't believe that the ruling class would continue in the path they're on.

   Is it possible that they will continue to create a police state, leading to more and more repression? Is it possible that there won't be a last minute save by a Congress suddenly in tune with the American people, instead of corporations?  Is it possible that they will continue burning every last drop of fossil fuels, no matter how many species are wiped out?  Is it possible that they will start more wars, in an attempt to hold onto their world domination?

   As Martin Luther King, Jr. said in his Riverside speech, "there is such a thing as being too late".
     Maybe it was already too late.   Just because we personally survived assassinations, imperialistic wars and corporate consolidation doesn't mean that any hope for a better world did.   Like the gawkers on the beach surveying the dying fish as the tide pulls back just before the tsunami, we may  be deluded in telling ourselves, "So far, so good".

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ryk said...

A Happy Ending Isn't Guaranteed

I'll say. So far, this new government appears eminently more competent at maintaining the status quo, which I suppose can be called an improvement, but it is certainly not change.