Thursday, June 4, 2009

Just Some Heroes Talking

  My co-worker that joined the Army is out on break, or whatever they call it.   He is supposed to recruit gullible kids in his hometown to join the Army while he's here.
  He's putting in some hours to make some money, and he was complaining that he couldn't get credit to buy a car, for when he goes to Fort Benning.
  He told them that he had no rent to pay or food to buy, so he could afford the payments, but they wouldn't give him credit.
   I pointed out that he has been in the Army for a year, with no food or rent.  Why hadn't he saved money?  He said he had, but "I need to get a credit rating".
   At this point, another hero jumped in.  He said that if a soldier gets deployed, he doesn't have to pay for his vehicle anymore.  He said that you can totally trash your vehicle, and just drop it off at the dealer and walk away and they can't do anything.  He is planning on doing that when he gets deployed.
   I wonder why the dealers don't want to give the heroes credit?

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