Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I Am Embarrassed By the Hypocrisy

In January, 2003, I marched in Washington, DC. against the upcoming war against Iraq holding a sign that said "I am embarrassed by the hypocrisy".

You wouldn't believe how many middle-aged women came up and agreed with me!

What's with men? And the young? Have they no shame?

Here we go again. US corporate media, without a hint of shame, has spent 11 days covering the "stolen" election in Iran. How much time did they spend on the stolen elections in the USA? And Yahoo News actually had a "scientific" study that showed that the election MUST have been stolen because so many of the reported vote tallies ended in the number 7. Oh, yes, they did do that. Ohmigod. How embarrassing!

And Obama, solemnly denouncing the Iranian government for attacking its own people, killing 7. The newsitem right below this (a middle aged woman choosing the order, perhaps?) reported that a US drone had just killed 60 people. That of course, was one attack on one day, just one of hundreds of days and hundreds of people killed by the US and the Pakistani government. Yes, the Pakistani government is being bribed by the US to kill its own people. And over three million have been driven from their lands. And the US military is bombing the lands, destroying the crops and killing the animals of these subsistence farmers, so that they have nothing to return to.
But we Americans sure think those Iranians are evil!

How embarrassing!


Anonymous said...

Will Durst's editorial was kind of funny.

Anonymous said...

Made my trip to the library to catch up on your entries. Good stuff. Think I will skip the July 4th parade this year. Flimsy Sanity.

ps. the Durst entry was in our local paper this week.

ryk said...

I am embarrassed by the hypocrisy

As any rational person should be.