Friday, June 5, 2009

Some Pig!

   In "Charlotte's Web", a spider tries to save a pig's life by weaving words of praise into her webs.
   The humans dutifully echo her praise.  "That's some pig, that's a terrific pig", etc.  

   In the entire book, only one human says, "I'd say that's some spider!"

   Here we are, at the 20th anniversary of the Tinnamen Square protests.  Again we are shown the footage of the brave person who stood in front of the tank, which swerved and stopped rather than kill the protestor.  Again and again, we praise the person in front of the tank.

   But the person in front of the tank was going along with the crowd.   He was supported by his peers.  
   The person driving the tank is the one we should honor!   He went against his peers and refused to crush a fellow human being.

    Iraqi vets against the war talk about how horrible it is to run over children with their tanks, but they're told to do it, and do.  

    Let's honor the unknown soldier who did his best to avoid killing.

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