Monday, June 8, 2009

Holocaust Denial

  Obama lays a flower at Buchenwald and solemnly declares that "we must never forget".  

   In the real world, most of Nazi victims were forgotten immediately.  Although sometimes Martin Niemoeller is quoted ("First they came for the communists..."),  it is never admitted that communists, socialists, roma, homosexuals,trade unionists and many others were also murdered, as well as Jews.

   And millions were murdered outside of the concentration camps.   Hitler had a version of Manifest Destiny, lebensraum, in which he meant to take the lands of Eastern Europe and the USSR for Germany, and exterminate the inferior slavic peoples who lived there.  

    I have been reading "Fool's Crusade", about the attack on Yugoslavia by Germany and the USA in the 1990s.   

   When Germany attacked and annexed Yugoslavia in 1941, they allied with the Croatian minority, whose Utashi soon impressed the Nazis with their brutality.   In the 90s, direct descendants of the Utashi were involved in the succession of Croatia from Yugoslavia.

   Milosevic tried to keep the Union together.  Instead of the US media branding him Yugoslavia's Lincoln, though, he was called its Hitler.   That is bizarre enough, but considering how many Serbs died only decades before, at the hands of Hitler and his cronies, it is obscene.   The ACTUAL Nazi collaborators were the Croatians, whom Germany supported in the 40s and the 90s, and the US supported in the 90s.

    In service of the attack on Yugoslavia, the New York Times denied the Holocaust in Yugoslavia.  Supposedly, Holocaust revisionism is the greatest crime in America.  Look at the demonization of Ahmadinejad for questioning the 6 million figure.  But the New York Times just sends previous figures down the memory hole without questions.  If the US ever attacks Israel, those 6 million Jews will be 600,000 with the click of a mouse, and without comment.

    I wonder how many Native Americans died in the conquest of North America?  Oops, forbidden thoughts, again.  Some genocides are more equal than others.  "We must never forget" doesn't apply to Yugoslavia or the Americas.

   If Hitler's Manifest Destiny had succeeded, would German football teams be named after exterminated peoples, to "honor" them?   The Bonn "Partisans"  play the Berlin "Israelites" tonight at 7!  Check out the half-time show, when Hava Nagila is played, while a German dressed as a rabbi does a dance!   (To non-Americans, the University of Illinois, whose football team is named after a former tribe, had a dancing Indian during half-time.)



ryk said...

I thought Illinois did away with Chief Illiniwek a few years ago. Not so?

wagelaborer said...

Well, by George, you're right!

I didn't even realize that they had his last dance in 2007. When my son went to U of I in 2003, they still had it.

I'll change the tense of the verb.