Friday, March 26, 2010

The Battle Against Dehydration

For the last 10 years, Americans have been convinced that they must carry a bottle of water with them at all times, or face imminent dehydration and death. You wonder how people 150 years ago made it across Death Valley, when their descendants are unable to make it through math class without water.

I refuse to drink bottled water, since the environmental impact is so devastating.

Last week I attended a meeting, and noticed that everyone there had a drink in front of them, except for me. There were 23 people in the meeting.

The drinks ranged from flavored water to cans of soda, to unidentified drinks in Styrofoam cups. The meeting was 3 hours long, with a break every hour. There was a water fountain just across the hall.

Interestingly enough, I noticed that of the people with cans of soda, all were diet, except one.

The woman who had the can of Pepsi (non-diet) and I, the one with no drink at all, were the only thin people in the room.

Coincidence? Maybe not. Apparently artificial sweeteners help people to gain weight.

Yeah, it was a boring meeting.


David said...

People walking carry mobile phones and water these days because to be seen without them risks ridicule. It shows the power of advertising.

If more and more things are advertised, soon walkers may have to push a wheelbarrow!

engineer said...

There is an old saying "human see, human do", or such.

What they see is the "Big Sheep".

People go on two miles strolls, must have the appointed plastic bottled water. What a racket. The producers get it out of the latrine, for all we know.

I have run marathons, 2 1/2 to 3 hours, with no water intake. Naturally, best to hydrate before the event, with city water (save the landfill). Many 10k's, hot days, same.

The human stores. I have dropped 4 to 5 pounds (all water) in long fitness runs on a warm day. We prefer to not carry 10 or so plastic bottles.

Wild animals (humans included) have gone since eternity long spells without water in migration. Geese carry no water bottle when going back to Canada in the Spring.. Nature accounts for this.

The Big Sheep wore the tank-top tail out one day on the run/walk trail. A day later, all sheep from then on wore the shirt tail out.

Must be cool!

wagelaborer said...

I used to be a band parent.

Part of our job was to run beside the band while they marched in parades, (usually well less than a mile), and offer water to the little dears, lest they perish otherwise.

Here's the funny thing. We never drank any water, and we were old compared to the teenagers. And yet we survived.

engineer said...

The drinking fountain is a US thing. Goes way back. Scuttlebutt. Every visit to the cafe, big glass of ICE water. Mostly melts and water sits. Beer is better. Huge energy waste.

College girl dispenses a quart-size paper cup full of ice. Adds Coke. Drinks coke. Leaves ice. More waste. (Dispensed coke is cold, of course).

In a cafe in Darmstadt, my mate asked for a glass of water. The waiter brought her a glass and explained there was sink in the utility closet. Honest.

There was no water fountain in the University buildings that I worked for in Germany. I asked a colleague how they got fluid. He said in soups and so forth. Made sense.

They have since gotten on to mineral water.

Anonymous said...

Bottled water is the new cigarette - you can figgit with in when nervous, slip from it for a dramatic pause, offer one to a stranger, and (oddly enough) look hip.

wagelaborer said...

Interesting. I never thought of that, but you're right.

Banning cigarettes led to sipping water.

But the whole sexy, lighting someone's cigarette ritual just has no water equivalent.

Anonymous said...

The catalyst for making aspertame is thallium - the active ingredient in rat poison. The FDA gets more complaints about aspertame/nutrisweet than any other item. Our government does not work anymore when the police sleep with the criminals.

Lukiftian said...

I dunno.
I carry a mobile phone because it's cheaper than a land line. And the water out of the tap where I live is pretty good---?

But point taken about diet pop. My cousin and I eat the same amount (maybe I eat more) and he drinks diet pop and I drink beer. He's 150 lbs heavier and 8 years younger.