Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Robo Call for Insurance

Last night I got a robocall. A forceful man told me that insurance companies make too much profit. Yeah! I said. They pay their executives too much money, and deny people benefits, and deny coverage to those who need it, and co-payments are too high. Yeah, yeah, yeah and yeah!

Then he tells me to call my Congressman to support the Health Insurance Subsidy Act.


This roboman (and Obama) think I'm an idiot. If health insurance companies are so bad, why are 43,000,000 more people going to be forced to pay them premiums?

War is Peace. Black is White. If you are against insurance profiteering on the sick, support the bill to funnel billions more dollars to them.

The truly pathetic thing is that so many Democrats fall for this doublespeak. Sad.


Anonymous said...

Insurance is such a racket and I don't know why they even call it a health care bill. No one seems to want to address why health care costs twice as much here as anywhere else - only how to pay for it.

wagelaborer said...

They call it a "health care" bill to fool people.

It's true that no one addresses why health care costs so much here.

Maybe because it's profit driven? Not just the insurance, but the actual care?

Now that my hospital has a cardiac cath lab, way more people get cardiac caths than used to when we had to ship them 150 miles away. Hmmm.

Pangolin said...

The death rate for cardiac catheterizations is insane. On person in a thousand dies on the table and one in fifty suffers major complications.

In Redding Ca. a hospital was caught doing deliberately unnecessary bypass surgeries in order to boost profits.

The fact is our "health care" system has more in common with a meat processing plant than anything you would design to produce long, healthy lives.

The US is collapsing under the weight of it's rampant corruption. The Health Care fiasco is merely one facet of many.

wagelaborer said...

Wow, interesting link.

As I alluded, sometimes I wonder about why they do some of the caths they do, but I don't think there is deliberate fraud.

But who knows?