Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Ticking Time Bomb

Alfred McCoy, in his book, A Question of Torture, pointed out that the favorite scenario of the torture apologist is the ticking time bomb scenario, fed weekly into Americans' brains by the pro-torture TV show, 24.

Mr. McCoy points out the numerous fallacies in this scenario. An excerpt from the article I linked to-

"Number one: In the real world, the probability that a terrorist might be captured after concealing a ticking nuclear bomb in Times Square and that his captors would somehow recognize his significance is phenomenally slender. The scenario assumes a highly improbable array of variables that runs something like this:

—First, FBI or CIA agents apprehend a terrorist at the precise moment between timer’s first tick and bomb’s burst.

—Second, the interrogators somehow have sufficiently detailed foreknowledge of the plot to know they must interrogate this very person and do it right now.

—Third, these same officers, for some unexplained reason, are missing just a few critical details that only this captive can divulge.

—Fourth, the biggest leap of all, these officers with just one shot to get the information that only this captive can divulge are best advised to try torture, as if beating him is the way to assure his wholehearted cooperation."

But, here's the thing. Ironically, we have a chance to see if this works in real life on the very person who is pushing it in public to this day, long after the US voted in a President who lies about US torture, instead of bragging about it. Most Americans prefer it that way.

Dick Cheney is certain that there will be another attack in the US, but he is refusing to tell where and when! If anyone knows about terrorism , it's Dick Cheney. If anyone knows about about terrorist attacks on the US, it's Dick Cheney. So when he makes a threat, it's more believable than just about anyone else.

Why should we stand and wait while this madman continues to taunt us with his refusal to name time and place? Here we are, upholding his constitutional rights to free speech and immunity from cruel and unusual punishment, while he goes free to plot with the attackers.

No. We must arrest and torture Dick Cheney until he tells us what he knows. He won't mind. He knows that the Constitution is just a god damn piece of paper, as he taught his idiot regent Bush.

We must keep Americans safe! Torture Dick Cheney!


Pangolin said...

Dick Cheney wouldn't last five minutes on a waterboard. His heart would give out shortly after he started giving you the secret codes to the nuclear "football."

The truth is these assholes just like to see other people suffer because it makes them feel better. It comes from growing up with those conservative "family values;" the kind where you beat the kids at random intervals.

wagelaborer said...

Yes. James Dobson pushes the "beat your child for Jesus" child abuse program because he knows that violent families lead to conservative, subservient offspring.

And that's what they want.

Most people don't last more than a few seconds of being waterboarded, from the reports I've heard.

David G. said...

The best torture for Cheney would be to force him to live out the rest of his days in the countries where his warmongering took place.

I'm not talking about him living in a mansion but a slum where those who survived his giant killing machine live, the ones with missing limbs and the ones with cancer and birth defects from his depleted uranium.

I'm sure the slum dwellers would teach him a thing or two.

wagelaborer said...

Who knows if Dick Cheney is capable of feeling empathy or remorse?

I'm more worried about his evil spawn, Liz, right now.

We have decades more of her carrying out his agenda.

Andrew said...

If Cheney held the real power during the Bush years, then Bush was not his "regent," a word which implies holding power for one who is not yet of age. What I think you meant was "figurehead."

wagelaborer said...

I was referencing mental age, not physical age.

Andrew said...

Yes, but that would make Cheney the regent, not Bush. The regent is the one who holds the power for one not yet of age.

wagelaborer said...

I stand corrected.