Saturday, March 27, 2010

Israel and America - Best Friends Forever

What is up with the BFFs, the United States and its Mini Me, Israel? Just a spat, or a realignment of alliances? And why?

Democratic support of Israel has dropped in the last year, but Republicans remain strong in support of Israel, mostly because of its important starring role in the upcoming Armageddon that Repubs cherish so much.

But where does the drop in Democratic support come from? Clearly there has been a corporate media propaganda push in which Fox News has not participated.

You got your Goldstone Report, which sternly rebuked Israel for attacking Gaza and killing 1,000 people. Not to discount human life, but come on! The US attacks Iraq and kills one million human beings and not a peep comes from the "international community", but Mini Me kills one/thousandth of its BFF, and all hell breaks loose!

You got your General Petraeus sudden concern for Arab public opinion and how it affects US soldiers occupying Iraq. Again, come on! The US invades, kills and occupies a Middle Eastern country but all of a sudden it's Israel's smaller occupation that is going to make Arabs mad?

You got your Biden snub, which was ballyhooed about the corporate media, and then Obama's dinner snub. Oh, snap! I guess he showed Netanyahou!

But, as Claud Cockburn said, "Never believe anything until it has been officially denied."

The loud denials and proclamations of eternal love suddenly emanating from the mouths of the political class should make Israel very nervous.

They can ask Manuel Noriega, Saddam Hussein, or Osama BinLaden what happens when the US turns against its former best friends.

The US can be fickle, if, say for instance, its pursuit of oil is being hampered by its ties with Israel. And now that it has bases in Iraq, does it need to keep up the friendship? With a massive military presence to enforce its interests, why keep the alliance with the tainted buddy?

Former President Jimmy Carter, author of the Carter Doctrine, which proclaimed that the Middle East had our oil, and we would kill to keep it, has become a champion of the Palestinians. Really?

The Palestinians are the greatest ally of Middle Eastern dictators, who use their plight to keep their citizens riled about Israel, instead of their own dictators.

Why would the US move against Israel, and by extension, against its favorite Mid Eastern dictators?

Is this the move where they overthrow the Saudi royal family, as dreamed of by the neocons?

Or do they want the "Arab Street" to support Obama's attack on Iran?

Whatever is going on, it isn't about justice for the Palestinians, you can guarantee that.

And you can also guarantee that oil is somehow involved.

That there is American oil, and those Persians and Saudis have it!

Bye, bye, Israel.


engineer said...

This all would seem to be conflict with a sick care coverage bill passage.

Should be one or the other.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, something smells. All of this could have been avoided if we gave the Jews Germany - better land than the desert and it would have been a lesson to future genocidal types.

One thing that kind of bugs me about the holocaust is that the Jews only mention the 6 million jews killed, not the 5 million Communists/Jehovah Witnesses/Retarded/Mentally Ill/ Political Prisoners that went before they got around to the Jews. Seems like Mini-Holocaust Denial.

engineer said...

plus the gypsies and 20,000,000 Russians. All a matter of good PR.

6 million is negligible.

human recovery

Interesting GDP growth: Slack in North America and Western Europe.


wagelaborer said...

Yeah, when they were building the Holocaust Museum, they sent me solicitations in the mail, and I wrote back saying that if they mentioned the rest of the murdered, I would contribute.

Apparently they decided not to bother with my puny donation and stick with only commemorating the Jews.

Mini Holocaust Denial, indeed.

Interesting also, I heard Al Gore quote Niemoeller's "first they came for the communists, then they came for the socialists, etc.," and he didn't mention communists or socialists! He just skipped them.

Talk about revisionism!

engineer said...

Denier Ernst Z√ľndel was sent to prison (5 years) for same, (among several others). The charge: "incitement of the people, sedition". He was released last month. No mention in German news, MSN or otherwise. NYT had an article. This in spite of many articles during the trials.

Are they avoiding the travesty of sending one to prison for only speaking out?

Plus, of interest.

video Ubahn attack in Moscow - Deutsch

Anonymous said...

This was interesting.

Hanz said...

It seems that Israel, or rather Netanyahu, thought he could get away with more of the same with regards to America who always gave support for Israel no matter what. The change now is Obama has pretty much made peace in the middle east one of his top priorities to secure his future legacy rather than Clinton or Bush who seemed to only take interest in the dying days of their presidencies. Netanyahu will either have to back down or face a revolt in his Government because he won't win in a battle of wills with Obama.

David G. said...

I think this 'tiff' may have been manufactured, you know, Israel feels out on a limb so it nukes Iran on its own, then the U.S. rides to the rescue of its poor little friend!

One thing I've learned about this world is that things are not always what they appear to be.

wagelaborer said...

Well, David, you are so right.

Things are never what they tell us in the corporate media.

But when the propaganda machine gears up, something is happening.

And it seems to me that the propaganda is turning against Israel now, so I wonder why.

You might be right about the scenario. I do agree that attacking Iran is on the agenda.

We will see how this plays out.