Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Rep Massa Makes a Joke

I can see that a Congressman should resign when a dead body is found in his office. (Or preceding it). Although why he then gets a TV show is beyond me.

To be bi-partisan about it, Barney Frank's gay lover ran a prostitution racket out of his home, and Barney is still in Congress. So anything less than murder should be OK, right?

But a joke? Someone makes a joke and someone else complains and a week later he's out?

There is something really, really fishy here. Rep. Massa says that the Obamabots wanted him out because he voted against the health insurance company enrichment bill that the Wall Street bosses want passed so badly. Massa is for single payer.

I believe that more than I believe that someone was devastated by a joke.

Obama's bosses aren't content with the bank bailouts, the nuclear power handouts and the expanding wars.

They want people like me, people who can't afford to pay for health insurance, to be forced to buy a defective product under threat of fines or jailtime.

And they will screw anyone who stands against them.

Look out, Dennis Kucinich!


Olentangy said...

I can't imagine that this Health Insurance Reform, as Obama is now calling it could possibly be constitutional. That being said, with the current makeup of the Supreme Court, that may not matter. Bow down to the wishes of your corporate masters.

wagelaborer said...

Yes, every American being forced to buy a product from private corporations?

That seems blatantly unconstitutional.

But, as you say, this Supreme Court is all about the corporations.