Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cop on the Beat

More and more people are expressing amazement that the US hasn't yet collapsed.

What on earth could be keeping it going?

We are trillions of dollars in debt, but no one calls it in, the US is allowed to swagger around the world killing people, the President says outlandish things and everyone nods as if it is wisdom.

Then I thought of the old movies, where the cop on the beat takes apples from the merchant, and he doesn't say anything, because, well, he would get arrested on a trumped up charge, or beaten, or killed.

Is it that simple? Will we be allowed to keep stealing and killing indefinitely, because no one is strong enough to stand up to us?

Who's going to demand that the mafia godfather pay his debts?

No wonder the war budget is off limits.


Pangolin said...

Notice that no businesses are hiring. Notice how many buildings formerly housing businesses are standing empty. Watch the prices of imported goods; they're going up. So is the price of almost any kind of food excepting meat which is obviously being heavily subsidized.

The cop is finding the store closed when he wanders by. The US is in a depression that the major media is deathly afraid to acknowledge due to the fact that it is funded by advertising revenue.

What we have now is a situation where retailers are desperate to keep the per-unit cost of goods and services up since they are losing total sales. The customers dropping off the sales figures are not going to respond to price drops since they generally have no money at all.

This years census should yield some astounding numbers showing drops in total numbers of households and steep rises in vacant housing units. The real estate sector is still lagging heavily behind the people's ability to purchase or rent units. Foreclosures are still leading sales and despite the fact that people are leaving houses for rentals in many cases rental vacancies are up also.

The economy is a zombie. It's a dead parrot. A Norwegian Blue.

wagelaborer said...

"That parrot's not dead. It's only sleeping!"

OK, couldn't resist that.

You may be right about the dead economy, but still - why is the US allowed to keep rolling over its debts? Why is it allowed to fly drones into allied countries and kill people? Why is it allowed to invade at will?

Why is the war budget off-limits?

I think that it's connected.

Anonymous said...

I think it is so funny that they are always coming up with new anti-counterfeiting devices when the money is monopoly money that is being printed willy-nilly. Kind of like the emperor with no clothes.

wagelaborer said...

I never thought of that. It is funny.

To go to so much trouble to make sure that only the government can print worthless money!